Bryant’s Care terms and conditions 


1.1. About Our Services Bryant’s Care is dedicated to fostering connections between families and caregivers through our online platform. Our mission is to facilitate the arrangement of care services and encourage the exchange of valuable advice. We provide a range of tools, information, and an extensive network to assist users in finding and coordinating quality care for children, older individuals, pets, and homes. Our Services include:

  • Enabling Care Seekers to post job listings for services such as child care, care for older individuals, pet care, and housekeeping.
  • Providing search tools for Care Seekers to find individual Carers based on specific needs and preferences.
  • Facilitating private communication between Care Seekers and Carers without sharing personal identification or contact details.
  • Offering tools and information for informed decision-making, including a safety centre with guides and resources.

Our Services are dynamic and evolving, with detailed information available on our website.

1.2. Limitations of Our Services Bryant’s Care does not directly introduce or supply Carers to Care Seekers, nor do we select or recommend specific Carers. Instead, we provide an online forum for Care Seekers and Carers to connect. Due to the challenges of verifying information online, we cannot reasonably confirm the identity of Carers or Care Seekers. We also do not control the quality, timing, or legality of services provided by Carers. Our platform relies on user-generated content, and we do not vet this content for accuracy. Bryant’s Care is not responsible for the conduct of users, and we disclaim any liability related to actions or omissions.

1.3. User Responsibilities As we do not verify the identity or information of users, Care Seekers and Carers are responsible for making informed decisions. Care Seekers should interview Carers, verify their identity, experience, training, and qualifications, and check references. Carers are responsible for verifying the identity of Care Seekers and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Each user must not hold Bryant’s Care liable for the actions or information exchanged on the platform.


To use our Services, users must be at least eighteen (18) years old and capable of forming legally binding contracts. Care Seekers must be citizens or legal residents of the United Kingdom, while Carers must be legally allowed to work in the United Kingdom, possessing the necessary experience, training, qualifications, and authorizations. By using our platform, users affirm their right, authority, and capacity to adhere to our Terms and Conditions.


3.1. Registration, Posting, and Content Restrictions Users are responsible for providing accurate information during registration and posting on the site. Content posted must not be defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, or violate the rights of others. Bryant’s Care reserves the right to review and delete content violating these rules. Users grant Bryant’s Care a license to use, display, and reproduce posted content. Users must comply with applicable laws and refrain from providing false information.

3.2. Exclusive Use Accounts are for personal use only, and users may not transfer their accounts to others.

3.3. Prohibited Uses Users agree not to engage in abusive, unlawful, or harassing behavior. Prohibited activities include providing false information, posting risky job listings, and attempting to interfere with the platform’s functioning.


4.1 Consent to run verification checks Users authorize Bryant’s Care to use third-party services to perform ongoing verification checks using personal information. These checks include scanning various sources to verify user information. Users acknowledge that results may impact their eligibility for the platform.

4.2. Release of Liability for Results of Verification Checks Bryant’s Care may perform Verification Checks, but these checks are limited, and results may not be complete or conclusive. Users release Bryant’s Care from liability related to the accuracy of verification information.

  1. TERMINATION OF REGISTRATION Bryant’s Care reserves the right to terminate user access for various reasons. Users are not entitled to notification of termination reasons.
  2. PRIVACY User-provided information is handled in accordance with the Privacy Policy outlined on the platform.
  3. LINKS TO EXTERNAL SITES Links to external sites are provided for user convenience, and Bryant’s Care disclaims responsibility for the content of these sites.

8.1 Billing and Payment for Care Seekers Premium Member subscriptions for Care Seekers are subject to charges, with authorization to charge the chosen payment provider according to the subscribed plan.

8.2 Automatic Subscription, Renewal and Cancellation of Premium Memberships for Care Seekers Premium Memberships renew automatically, and users may cancel subscriptions, subject to disclosed terms.

8.3 Billing and Payment for Carers Certain Services for Carers may involve fees, and authorization is granted to charge the chosen payment provider for these services.

8.4 Refund Policy Refunds are not provided as a general rule, but may be issued at Bryant’s Care’s sole discretion. 

8.5 Free Trial Offers for Bryant’s Care

Occasionally, Bryant’s Care extends time-limited free trial Premium Membership subscriptions to Care Seekers. Opting for the Bryant’s Care Premium Membership free trial grants Care Seekers restricted access to the Site’s features. Failure to cancel the subscription before the trial concludes results in charges for a monthly subscription to the Service, unless otherwise specified during the initial subscription. To avoid charges for Premium Membership services, Care Seekers with free trial subscriptions must cancel before the trial period ends.

9 Release of Liability for User Conduct and Disputes

Bryant’s Care does not facilitate or provide Carers to Care Seekers, nor does it endorse specific Carers to Care Seekers or vice versa. Bryant’s Care operates an online platform allowing Care Seekers to find Carers and Carers to present their services. Any agreement between a Care Seeker and a Carer is exclusively between them, and Bryant’s Care is not a party to such agreements. Disputes between Care Seekers and Carers, including services rendered or payment issues, must be resolved directly between the involved parties. Bryant’s Care disclaims any liability for claims or damages arising from such issues and requires users to report any concerns promptly.

10 Age Restrictions

Bryant’s Care is designed for individuals aged 18 and above. Care Seekers and Carers should supervise children’s internet use, denying access to anyone under 18. Bryant’s Care will not knowingly collect information from individuals under 18. Users must truthfully disclose their age during registration, and misrepresentations will result in immediate termination of registration.

Disclaimers; Limitations; Waivers; Indemnification

11.1. No Warranty

Information on the Site is provided “as is,” and Bryant’s Care does not guarantee its accuracy or completeness. Bryant’s Care disclaims responsibility for content not directly provided by them. The Services are not guaranteed to be secure, virus-free, uninterrupted, or error-free. Bryant’s Care excludes all implied conditions and warranties.

11.2. Assumption of Risk

Users assume all risks associated with using the Site and Services, both online and offline. Precautions should be taken in interactions with other users, and users are advised to visit the Bryant’s Care Safety Centre.

11.3. Limitation of Liability

Bryant’s Care is not liable for indirect or consequential damages, with aggregate liability limited to the subscription fee paid. Bryant’s Care is not responsible for users’ actions and disclaims liability for damages arising from interactions on the Site or Services.

11.4. Indemnification

Users agree to indemnify Bryant’s Care from claims arising from submitted content or violations of the Terms of Use. Bryant’s Care reserves the right to assume defence control.

Jurisdiction and Choice of Law

Disputes related to the Site or Services are governed by English law, with exclusive jurisdiction in the courts of England and Wales.


The agreement doesn’t establish a partnership, agency, or employment relationship. Invalidity of a provision doesn’t affect the remainder. The agreement binds legal representatives, successors, and assigns.

Contact Information

For questions or further information about the Site or Services, contact Bryant’s Care.