About Us: From Compassion to Community – The Bryant’s

Care Story

Welcome to Bryant’s Care, a care agency born out of personal experience and a deep commitment
to making a positive impact in the lives of families with special needs. Our founder, Charlene Bryant,
embarked on this journey after navigating the challenges of finding adequate care while
simultaneously pursuing personal and professional endeavours with a child who has special needs.
So we wanted to provide a service that enables parents to source care on their terms leaving them
safe in the knowledge that their loved one is in safe, capable hands. so, we designed Bryant’s Care to
make life a bit easier by providing a database of nannies, babysitters, childminders and PAs to
enhance your child’s life. We aim to provide a valuable service for families of children and young
adults with additional needs and cut the cost of rocketing agency fees.

Our Founder's Journey

Charlene Bryant is not just the visionary behind Bryant’s Care; they are a devoted parent who
understands the unique challenges families face when caring for a loved one with special needs.
Fuelled by personal experience, Charlene Bryant recognized the gaps in available care services,
particularly in supporting parents who aspire to continue their education, pursue a career, or simply
find quality care for their loved ones.

A Commitment to Inclusion

At Bryant’s Care, we are not just a care agency – we are advocates for inclusion and community
integration. Charlene Bryant's personal journey has instilled in us a deep appreciation for the
importance of fostering an inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of ability, can thrive.
We believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to participate fully in community life.
At Bryant’s Care, we understand the journey because we've walked it ourselves. We invite you to
join our community, where compassion, inclusion, and support are the pillars of everything we do.
Together, let's create a world where every family feels empowered, and every individual is
celebrated for their unique abilities.

Charlene Bryant
Founder, Bryant’s Care